3 women

Kat, Emma and Jen - three flat water rowers united in their love for the oceans

2,400 miles

As the crow flies. With weather and navigation, the actual distance rowed is closer to 3,000 miles

62 days

The current world record stands at 62 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes

24 / 7

Non-stop rowing in 2 hour shifts from the start to the finish, no breaks

700,000 kcal

The crew will burn on average 5,000 calories per day per person

The Challenge

A 2,400 mile row from Monterey, California to O’Ahu, Hawaii.

The crew is part of the Great Pacific Race which starts on 30th May 2020. Rowing out of Monterey Peninsula Yacht Club in their 24ft boat, they will use just their body power to get them all the way to Hawaii.

Rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off continuously for the journey is a challenge in itself. With a Guinness World Record of 50 days which the girls are trying to beat, it is going to be a long one with no respite.

Navigation is a big challenge on the row – it is one of the only rowing races in the world where navigation plays such a big part in success. Get it wrong and the girls could end up on the wrong island, or even in Mexico!

Weather is also a big contender. The first week will see the crew battle against onshore winds and southerly waves which continuously push them back to land. Temperatures are low (think England in the Autumn) and the crew will struggle to get dry. After the first 10 days the weather is typically kinder, offering warmer temperatures and calmer seas. Two to three weeks in, the ocean will push the girls in the direction of the finish and the weather will become warm enough to dry out their soggy clothes, before reaching for their bikinis in the Hawaiian heat for the final push.

The bathroom facilities are two buckets, hot food is limited to rehydrated sachets and the bed is a padded floor in the cabin.

It’s a real challenge of endurance, mental strength and teamwork.

If you would like to support Jen, Emma and Kat on their journey please sponsor Ripple Effect by buying them a beer or three!