We are each responsible for the impact of our actions. 

Your donation will help pay for barriers and protection mechanisms to help protect those living in Kiribati from rising sea levels. 


Target: £100,000

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Our crew is prepared for the challenge of living on a 24ft boat for 60 days and not sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time; but getting to the start line of the Great Pacific Race is the greatest challenge we face.

Your sponsorship will make that happen.

By supporting us you are supporting awareness campaigns, education and researching new solutions to big problems. Our journey is just the start; the initial splash in the ocean to make waves.

Target: £75,000 (including corporate)

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far and who continues to do so.

Emma, Jen and Kat

Ripple Effect

Corporate Sponsorship

We can offer prolonged media exposure before and after the race through our newspaper articles, TV appearances, magazine interviews and social media. 

Your logo could also be on our crew clothing, emblazoned across our boat or you could even choose the boat name.

Is a motivational speech or an appearance at your events more your thing? We’re a confident, enthusiastic, positive crew with bucket loads of resilience, so put our knowledge to good use for your business. 

Please get in touch for further details.


Specialist clothing


Rowing kit


Freeze-dried food


Safety courses


Ocean rowing boat






Radio, GPS and comms


Emergency kit and insurance


Awareness campaigns


Media and filming