Where to begin?

Where to begin?

This is all a bit nuts, really!

We’re preparing to row across the Pacific and doing it all ourselves. Buying a boat, equipment, doing all the courses, fundraising… it’s a little bit mental. Luckily we have 1.5 years in which to do it but time is absolutely flying I swear September only lasted 2 days.

So how do you tackle something like this?

At the moment we’re focusing on getting the prep sorted – sponsor packs, website, the basics.

Then we’ll be shouting about our message, talking to everyone we can about what we’re doing and why. We are incredibly fortunate that the GPR Race Director has offered us an interim boat to train in because there’s no way we could buy a boat right now!

Training is very much on the agenda every day. We’re all at the same rowing club now which helps because we can train together when diaries align – a really important part of building a team.

I guess sponsorship is the next thing after that so we can start buying everything we need. Surprisingly we don’t have £75k tucked away in the mattress so corporate sponsors are integral to getting our kit ready. It’s the little things too, like getting logos printed for the boat and branded kit made up.

Then, speaking speaking speaking. Public speaking is of course the most fun of activities and not in the least bit nerve-wracking… but in all honesty, I love it!

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