Our Oceans: Protect What You Love

Bottle Deposit Scheme Must Be Introduced to 'Turn Back the Plastic Tide' Warn MPs

21 December 2017

A plastic bottle deposit scheme must be introduced despite objections from newsagents and corner shops, MPs have said. 

Sir David Attenborough says world must act now on plastic after witnessing its impacts filming Blue Planet II

15 October 2017

'We've seen albatrosses come back with their belly full of food for their young. You think it's going to be squid, but it's plastic'.

Kent Mussels Tested for Plastic Contamination

09 October 2017

Sky News Special Report: Our Oceans

07 October 2017

National Geographic: How We Can Keep Plastics Out of Our Ocean

16 September 2017

Kiribati: A Drowning Paradise in the South Pacific

08 November 2017

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