Are you losing weight?

Are you losing weight?

Asked by a colleague in a fairly flattering way.

In short, yes. But that’s a problem.

We’re going to be eating 6,000 calories each day, but still except to lose 19lbs, or the best part of 9 kilos; if we can sustain 6,000kcal intake on a seasick stomach.

That means we need reserves; we need some backup in case we’re losing energy. Each of us has been eating everything and anything for the past few weeks to try and put on extra weight before the row because the danger of not doing so is significant.

One crew told us of a crewmate who didn’t have enough reserves. He reverted to a child-like state, becoming a bit of a difficult one to handle and not particularly handy on the handles (sorry, couldn’t resist!). In short, the whole crew suffered.

We know it’s important to be prepared and that includes having the right fat reserves. Our training has caused us to have high metabolisms so we still burn through more calories than we can eat, even when stuffing our faces with doughnuts and 800kcal ration packs. It’s becoming a problem.

The best thing we can do now is to keep eating as many calories as possible and work on building up muscle; if we can’t have fat then at least we can have muscle. Luckily for me, I have deliberately kept my ‘reserves’ from pre-row so have a little to fall back on. For the crew, we have our weight in chocolate cake. There are better problems to have…

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