Eliza on: Human power

Eliza on: Human power

I believe human power is our weapon against climate change. No, this doesn’t mean I think we should all just walk, bike, run, row, etc. everywhere we go. While that is all good, human power is a much larger thing. Human power is supporting scientists and engineers to innovate new technologies that don’t rely on fossil fuels. Human power is spreading a passion for the outdoors. Human power is our determination to fight and our dedication to win. This means educating yourself and voting for people that stand up for science.

Through this blog we will share information about climate change. There is a lot of misinformation in the media concerning climate change and maybe you’ve found yourself confused as you’ve struggled to figure out what’s true. As an Atmospheric Science major at the University of Washington, I get the following question a lot. “I don’t really understand climate change… what is actually known scientifically?”. The answer is there is a LOT known scientifically. Here, at the University of Washington I have been learning from the best scientists and professors in the field and I am excited to share information with you! We will use this blog as a venue to give a detailed response. I hope to help you understand the underlying science and help climate change make sense. We will also update you on our progress preparing for the race and during.

We hope you will get excited and follow us as we take on this journey!

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    We were talking to you Thurs about your voyage to Hawaii.
    We want to stay in touch with you as the race progresses (if you don’t mind)
    I hope you remember us, I told you that women can be stronger than men!
    My girlfriend was the little Asian girl.We talked to you more than once.
    We are rooting for you !

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