Emma on: Food

Emma on: Food

Food, glorious food. What better way to start our blog?!

I love food. Food is love, food is life. Pizza, red grapes and my dad’s tiramisu. Yum. (Not together, mind. Just wanted to make that clear).

A close friend once described my natural diet as “chocolate and vegetables” which isn’t far from the truth, so I’m delighted to share with you that I have ordered £100 of chocolate, arriving soon. British, naturally – the stuff in the States just isn’t the same.

Mars bars and twix will fuel part of our row because they’re quick and easy calories; lots of fat, high energy, but as you have probably guessed not all that great for endurance.

We’ll be out on the water for the best past of 50 days but have to take extra just in case, so whatever we eat needs to last. We can’t take fresh food, tins are a little bit heavy (fancy rowing 2 tonnes of tuna across the Pacific? Neither do I) so the bulk of our food will be freeze-dried. Things like chilli con carne, chicken pasta and black beans with rice.

Now, be under no illusion, the majority of the food is quite grim. It smells like cat food and doesn’t look much different, some of them taste alright though. Increasingly ’boutique’ firms are entering the market offering yummy food like Cyril’s Organic Expedition foods – a shout-out because he’s also rowed the Pacific so knows what we’ll want to eat! #PacificMassiv

The rest of our food will be energy food – protein shakes to keep us going, energy bars and balls, and some rather scrummy maple syrup waffles. I’m excited about those, originally designed in Canada for slope-side they’re now making their way into the endurance sport world as a pick-me-up when we need it most. Amazingly, UnTapped has agreed to fuel us with their rather yummy waffles – non-melting (or at least melting in a good way, think stroopwaffles on a coffee mug) quick to eat and super tasty, I may have just found my new fuel for summer rowing and winter snowboarding.

6,000 kcal per day per rower isn’t looking so bad…

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