Plastic: a ripple of change

Tuesday afternoon in Wimbledon, one of the warmest weekends on record, 20 people in a conference room above a pub.

It’s 3pm and Emma is speaking at Pub Watch, a monthly meeting of pub landlords, managers and stakeholders from the local area.

Pubs are integral to the fight against plastic; and with summer weather and Wimbledon Tennis coming soon, the plastic we’re about to use is astronomical. So, by telling the story of the row, Emma was able to engage the community about plastic pollution and what can be done; Stack-Cups is one readily available solution.

“Who here has already ditched the straw?” … hands go up.

“Who is still using plastic straws?”… one, but they make sure to recycle them.

A good start, but there’s a lot more we can be doing. By changing from single use plastic cups to reusable ones, we can eliminate a lot of the plastic we don’t need. One person mentioned they’ve already started doing that and each cup lasts around 100 uses, a great reduction in plastic! Plastic fantastic, as they say.

The outcome? We now have local pubs looking into changing their plastic cups, and the biggest pub in Wimbledon has committed to never buying single-use plastic cups again. Wow.

We really are starting a ripple of change, which is exactly what our crew is about. Positive mindset, passionate action and a ripple of change.

Here’s to a plastic-free future!

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