Sport and business are two different worlds… aren’t they?
Elevated view of two rowing eights in water

Sport and business are two different worlds… aren’t they?

There are thousands of athletes in the world. There are millions of business people in the world. Yet rarely do the two combine.

To succeed as an athlete you need determination, commitment, courage, self-belief and self-awareness. You need to know your opponents and set clear goals. Business is a completely different world where networking and knowledge are king. Right?

My personal opinion is that the two overlap immensely. From setting goals to making training/growth plans, sports and business require the same set of skills and abilities for success.

Coming from a background in accountancy, I’ve learnt a lot about business. As an oarswoman, even back in the days of absolute novice, I have been taught a lot about what it means to be part of a team and to succeed. I’ll admit that only recently has the distinct overlap between the two been so obvious, so for 7 years I have missed opportunities in my working life.

You don’t need to do the same!

Whether your team is on an ocean or in a boardroom, the way they interact and the outcomes of a high-functioning team are the same. By sharing the story of our challenge with you we will give you insight into how teams work when pushed to their limits so you can replicate that within your own.

Topics will cover dedication, commitment, goal-setting, communication, diversity, the power of women, how to handle the tough times and prioritisation to name just a few.

Please get in touch if you find our blog helpful or if there are topics you would like us to cover – we’d be happy to!

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