In a world of excess it’s rare to think about survival. We are fortunate to live in a world where warmth and running water are standard, safety is expected and food can be delivered within 30 minutes at the click of a button.

Going out onto the Pacific, we lose that luxury. We’ll be living on what we take with us, and that’s all; nothing more.

No drop-offs or care packages, what we take with us on the boat is everything we live on. Everything we need to survive, 4 women, for 50 days.

It’s hard to imagine what that involves. Think about if there was a disaster tomorrow, would you have everything you need to survive? How long for? What would you need to go to the shops to buy?

We have planned everything we are taking down to meticulous detail, from food and clothing to baby wipes and toothpaste. Every ounce we carry adds extra time to our journey, but being caught short could end it. Precision is key.

Our time in Monterey will be the first time we are able to put all of our rations and clothing with the boat to see just how much (little!) space we have. 24ft boat, 4 women and all supplies for 50 days. It’s going to be cosy…

Thank you for following our journey, we’re glad you’re part of the adventure and look forward to sharing updates with you!