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Will the volcanic eruption in Hawaii affect our journey?

In short, luckily not.

The Hawaiian islands were formed from volcanic activity (or pulled from the sea from Maui’s hook) so eruptions and fissures are not unexpected. Honolulu famously has a volcano just next to the city.

This week’s eruption is on Big Island which is south east of where we’re rowing in to, so the effects of lava and fissures aren’t going to impact us.

Earthquakes is another matter; the graphs of quake location which are circling the news websites at the moment make it look like there will be big quakes exactly where we’re rowing. In theory, worrying.

Luckily the danger with quakes is that they cause a tsunami – luckily because it doesn’t tend to happen when the plates are pulling apart which they are this week. There haven’t been any tsunamis from the recent activity and the first ones are usually strongest, so unlikely we’ll hit anything big. *touches wood 50 times*

Even if we did get stuck in a tsunami there’s nothing for it to break on, so it’d just be massive rolling waves – scary, a little bit fun (a la Thorpe Park without the harness, or pizza for that matter) but ultimately not dangerous.

Panic over. Keep calm and carry on.

But just going back to that mention of pizza……. <3

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